Beyond Volunteering

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We are very honored and grateful to have so many supporters helping to bring our art groups to life. Donors and volunteers form the foundation for our work, and some special people assist in both areas. One such person is Ophelia D., who not only volunteers in an art group, but recently set up a fundraiser for DrawBridge. Here’s her story:

“Living in San Francisco has made it impossible to ignore the blatant disparity between the rich and the poor.  On my commute to work, I walk past the same people experiencing homelessness every single day. I see the tents, the signs, the makeshift beds and the people scurrying past — right outside my office lobby. And when I badge in, I eat free catered lunches and dinners and complain about the rate fancy snacks are consumed. The dichotomy between these two worlds seems impossible to close. How can it be that in a city so innovative and wealthy, so many homeless line the streets? 

“What has helped me begin to process and bridge this gap is volunteering with DrawBridge. I’ve had the privilege of volunteering at one of these sites for three months now, and it has been an illuminating, rewarding experience. 


“Early on, I was struck by how much these sweet children crave consistency and dependability. On my first day, two of the children asked me if I was going to be there the next week. The kids oftentimes show up to art group early, and peek their heads in the doors to see if we’ve started setting up. For many of these kids, things outside of DrawBridge may be constantly changing, so having a reliable, safe space to create art every week is important and impactful. During art group, their only responsibility is to be a kid. 

“It is a privilege to make art with these children, who have taught me more than I could ever hope to teach them.”

Ophelia combined Giving Tuesday with her birthday celebration, and asked friends and family to make donations to DrawBridge in lieu of gifts. Her Facebook donation page collected over $1300!

Facilitator Tamela and Volunteer Ophelia.

Ophelia’s generous spirit, in all ways, reflects the best that DrawBridge has to offer.

If you’d like to volunteer, or make a donation – or both! – please let us know!