30 Reasons

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As we approach DrawBridge’s 30th anniversary in Spring, 2019, we have been reflecting on the number of children we’ve served (about 35,000), and why our free art groups continue to be so important to so many. It seems best to seek answers from those who experience DrawBridge firsthand: the children who attend, their parents, our Facilitators and Volunteers, and the caring people who serve at the sites where the kids live. So here are 30 Reasons to Support DrawBridge, direct from those who really know.

30 Reasons

1. “DrawBridge is a safe space to be creative.” –Jasmine E., Site Manager
2. “We just MAKE. We learn from each other, and have a whole lot of fun in the process. –Susan P., Facilitator
3. “With DrawBridge, kids are free to be children and are treated with respect.” –DrawBridge participant’s parent
4. “I am an art maker!” –Manuel*, 5-year-old participant
5. “We see DrawBridge as a crucial part of the kids’ recovery.” –Maya, Site Coordinator
6. “There is never a wrong answer when it comes to art.” –Rickey R., Site Coordinator
7. “DrawBridge provides the children with positive adult interaction and relationships.” — DrawBridge volunteer
8. “I am so glad I came. This is so much fun!” –Amber, age 6
9. “DrawBridge enriches our youth’s creative learning and self-discovery.” –Kay W., Art Director, Tenderloin Boys & Girls Club
10. “The weekly art group creates a sense of safety and community through trust, support and shared emotional connection.” –Sonja L., Facilitator
11. “Even the kids who say, ‘I don’t know what to do,’ eventually appreciate exploring art materials on their own terms.” –Debra C., Facilitator
12. “Sometimes when I come to the shelter and it’s not art day, I get really sad and I cry.” –Josefina, age 10
13. “DrawBridge allows shelter kids who can’t afford other programs the opportunity to experience the happiness of art and helps them escape from their daily burdens.” –Winnie P., former participant
14. “Drawbridge was a physically safe place where we could just be kids and make a mess…my mind was at peace.” –Sadaf M., former participant
15. “Her mother told me that Katie was waking up excitedly every morning asking if it was art day!’” –Kathleen K., Facilitator
16. “It takes my mind off things, off my stress.” –Mari, age 10
17. “We have seen reserved children come out of their shell and high-energy children learn the benefits of routine and patience.” –Glaiza C., Site Coordinator
18. “The weekly art groups provide the freedom and support to experiment and express themselves.” –Jennifer L., Facilitator
19. “By creating art we get to know ourselves. In the uncertain lives of children experiencing homelessness there’s little time for this. –Cindy L., Facilitator
20. “I want to make a difference in this life. If I don’t do it, no one will.” –Rudy, age 11
21. “I knew that coming to art group would mean a lot to the kids, I just didn’t realize how much it would mean to them!” –DrawBridge Volunteer
22. “The kids here thrive and are inspired by the work you do.” –Jonathan B., Site Spokesperson
23. “During times of stress or frustration, I continue to turn towards art as an outlet. That safe space continues to be a part of me today.” –Sadaf M., former participant
24. “It was very satisfying to see how, over the months, the disruptive behaviors lessened, and the room became calmer and calmer.” –Susan P., Facilitator
25. “A lot of times they make guns because their creativity is limited to what they see on TV and in their community. With the DrawBridge art group, I see that changing.” –Jasmine E., Site Manager
26. “He is always happy with what he makes and proud to show it to his family. He doesn’t allow any of his artwork to be thrown away. They are his treasures.” –DrawBridge participant’s parent
27. “Children have such potential for pure joy and art making really taps into that.” –Susan P., Facilitator
28. “Being a teen assistant for DrawBridge helped me realize that working with kids was something that I wanted to do as a career.” –Winnie P., former participant
29. “It’s absolutely amazing how quickly the children began to exhibit a completely different set of behaviors: hugging, kind words, support for one another, laughter, commitment, deep focus and respect for their art work.” –Sonja L., Facilitator
30. “I am forever changed by these children, for they have shown me the resilience of humanity.” –Cara S., Facilitator

Please invest in DrawBridge and keep our art groups running!

* Children’s names have been changed to protect privacy