A Few of Our Favorite Things

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When our Facilitators and Volunteers were asked what they liked most about DrawBridge, several themes emerged. The most frequent of these was the positive impact the art groups have on the children who participate, and how they supported and uplifted them:

“The opportunity that DrawBridge offers children goes well beyond art. It builds relationships, trust, connection, self-confidence and self-expression.”

“Seeing the look in their eyes when they realize what they’re capable of.”

“Creating trusting relationships with the children and and witnessing their transformations. Each child has been markedly more confident with each visit.”

The creative process is the bedrock of the art groups, and children are encouraged to explore, express and most of all have fun! This is witnessed by those who run the groups:

“I love that kids, who would otherwise not be able to, have opportunities to express themselves freely and creatively. What a wonderful way to spend their time.”

“Seeing the kids being kids, laughing, and enthralled by art-making!”

DrawBridge also nurtures mutual support and sharing:

“I love the sense of community in our art group, and the people I’ve met who give so much.”

“Within our group, they are fortifying friendships and learning what it means to be a friend. I have seen tremendous growth in how the children respect one another’s personal space, art making process, and how they encourage one another.”

Our mission is to foster a child’s joy, creativity, self-confidence and hope.  We see and hear a measure of success in the actions and comments of the children.  But as the number of homeless in the Bay Area continues to rise, there are many more kids to nurture and inspire.

Join our community and support a local art group!  Learn more about volunteering at https://www.drawbridge.org/volunteer.

Supporting DrawBridge is sure to become one of your favorite things.