Enriching Life Through Art

Posted on Dec 2, 2019 in Blog, Events, News & Events | No Comments

Growing up, Blake Jordan was a budding artist who struggled alone to express himself creatively. As an adult, he was instantly attracted to DrawBridge.

“Art provides a medium for safely expressing emotion and creates opportunities for connecting with others, which can be challenging for kids.”

Creative exploration can help build confidence, and DrawBridge provides the setting for that exploration to nearly 1000 homeless and underserved kids each year.

“DrawBridge is more than just art; it shows kids that they have potential and are worthy. It’s precious time spent for the kids because they are nurtured and shown that their ideas and talent are valuable.”

With homelessness rising as much as 46% in some local counties, the need to support these kids grows more urgent each day.

“I think about the struggles I had as a kid and not having art in my school. And that’s why I support DrawBridge — because it provides what I so desperately longed for as a child. When I’m around the kids, I feel like I’m connected to a higher purpose.”

You can make that connection, too, helping children gain access to the creative exploration and confidence building that DrawBridge art groups nurture.

Like Blake, you may find that your own life is enriched as well.

Make your own connection at https://www.drawbridge.org/donate-now/