Field Notes: Successfully Connecting Despite the Distance

Posted on May 20, 2021 in Blog | No Comments

Last spring, when DrawBridge facilitators and volunteers could no longer provide in-person support for children who are underserved or experiencing homelessness, our program team quickly pivoted to hosting art groups via video conference. It was an enormous challenge but, despite the distance, “Zoom Rooms” have kept us connected to thirty percent of sites while providing a crucial touch point for children who’ve endured disproportionate hardships through lockdown. There’s no better way to illustrate the success of these virtual groups than the stories we hear from our frontline facilitators (cue webcam!):

Each of the kids got one of the large paper hearts I’d sent them. “What do you think we’re going to do with these?” I asked. Several hands shot up for Mother’s Day cards. They worked with markers, watercolors and glitter glue, each talking about their mother’s favorite color. Ahmir suddenly jumped out of his seat, ran to the computer screen and announced, “Look at my masterpiece!” – Jennifer L., Oakland Elizabeth House

The work we do is more urgent and in-demand than ever. Your generosity supports mission-driven frontline facilitators like Jennifer, who show up for DrawBridge kids week after week. 

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