DrawBridge Summer Programs Re-Cap and New Partnerships

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DrawBridge Summer Programs Re-Cap and New Partnerships

This summer, DrawBridge launched a new program, Summer Art Adventures, inviting children to bring imaginary worlds to life and experience the fun, laughter, and silliness of a shared summer camp online. Participants received complimentary kits full of art supplies to design their own art badges, sketch and build magical campsites, and create postcards to send to friends and family.

Local artists in the Canal district of San Rafael, California, collaborate with DrawBridge youth

Local artists collaborate with DrawBridge youth (Photo courtesy of Jessie Gift)

DrawBridge youth artists were also invited to participate in the creation of a new mural in Marin County. The 56-foot mural consists of 14 panels and serves as a welcome sign to the Canal neighborhood in San Rafael. The project is the first of a number of public art projects envisioned by Canal Arts Initiative, a coalition of eleven community service, business, art and educational organizations devoted to promoting public art in San Rafael and the Canal. The artists, Yuan Chen, Isidoro Filadelfo Angeles and Oscar Morales, completed the art in July and it was installed by Storek Studio/Architecture.