Since 1989, DrawBridge has served more than 40,000 families through free expressive arts programs offered in shelters, affordable housing facilities, and community centers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Children ages five and up are given the opportunity to connect with their community and explore playful creativity that is essential to healthy development.

Our Mission
DrawBridge provides children with the opportunity to tap into their creativity and build self-confidence through expressive art.

Our Vision
DrawBridge connects children with creative expression, their communities, and a wider world of possibilities.

Our Philosophy
The benefits of the expressive arts should be accessible to all children.

DrawBridge programs promote a safe and supportive environment for each participant’s self-expression and exploration of the creative process. Our approach to providing child-focused art experiences allows children to establish their own direction, pace of creation, and depth of self-exploration. DrawBridge programs are always free for families and offered directly in the communities we serve, removing financial and transportation barriers for participants.