“I knew that coming to art group would mean a lot to the kids,
but I just didn’t realize how much!”

DrawBridge Volunteer, Santa Cruz


How DrawBridge Helps Children

Art helps children process overwhelming emotions, allowing them to express creatively what they can’t express verbally. Art has been proven to foster learning and critical thinking skills; it supports the development of a more healthy and resilient individual; and it helps to develop skills for a productive and successful life.

At the core of DrawBridge’s effectiveness is our innovative expressive art programs. The act of producing art – through drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and other modalities – has a proven and powerful healing impact. Trained DrawBridge Facilitators are there to champion the children who, through expressive art, are given the chance to tap into their innate talents and unleash their creative potential in healthy, productive, and even revolutionary new directions.


Since its inception in 1989, DrawBridge has inspired more than 35,000 children who are underserved or experiencing homelessness in eight San Francisco Bay Area counties.

Our art groups currently host over 5500 child visits each year.

We partner with dozens of homeless and emergency shelters, affordable housing sites, and community centers, bringing art groups to kids right where they currently reside.

Our passionate volunteers give thousands of hours each year to support our mission –  more hours than total paid staff.

Inspiring Creativity, Joy and Self-Confidence