“I want to make a difference in this life. If I don’t do it, no one will. I want to be a counselor or a doctor and help people.”

Ricki, age 11


DrawBridge was founded in 1989 by art therapist Gloria Simoneaux, who developed a highly effective method of using the creative arts to help young people work through the complex emotions associated with homelessness and family challenges.

The first two art groups were offered at Hamilton Family Center and at Marin Housing Center’s emergency shelters. During the first three years of program development, those involved saw the transformational effect art can have on the lives of homeless kids. Since those early days, the work of DrawBridge has spread to dozens of sites throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

In December 2007, after serving for 17 years as Executive Director, Gloria Simoneaux retired her role at DrawBridge to found an international organization, Harambee Arts: Let’s Pull Together.

DrawBridge Today

Year after year, DrawBridge reaches hundreds of children in dozens of shelters in seven California counties, including Marin, San Francisco, Alameda, Sonoma, Santa Clara, San Mateo and Santa Cruz. Currently we serve a diverse Bay Area community, reaching thousands of kids with more than 800 art groups annually.

And there is more to do! DrawBridge’s skilled facilitators, passionate volunteers and active Board of Directors are dedicated to expanding its programs and providing an even greater number of homeless and underserved kids with the opportunity to grow and prosper through expressive art.

Inspiring Creativity, Joy and Self-Confidence