“Sometimes when I come to the shelter and it’s not art day,
I get really sad and I cry.”

Alejandra, age 10


In DrawBridge art groups, children who can be under tremendous stress find an hour or two of freedom, a place of refuge, a creative space they can access for the rest of their lives… and they make some wonderful artwork besides! Images of cool places to live, community and all kinds of creatures emerge. Various creations are aspirational, fantastical or simply catalogs of everyday life.

These collaborative pieces have been displayed at venues all over the Bay Area. Please contact us at drawbridge@drawbridge.org if you would like to discuss a DrawBridge Art showing.

  • my-fantasy-house
  • art-full-dreams
  • what-home-means-to-me
  • underwater-wacky
  • cool-places-to-live
  • kingdom-of-drawbridge
  • village-of-drawbridge
  • robot-fangs
  • fish-flowers-fun
  • what-makes-me-happy
  • thank-you-sfo
  • whole-wide-world
  • home-is-where-the-art-is
  • san-francisco-state-of-mind
  • valentines
  • way-home
  • creatures
  • prayer-flags
  • alien-planet
  • inner-portraits
  • art-club

Inspiring Creativity, Joy and Self-Confidence